Your Guide to Investing in Japan

Japan Stocks Channel is a website and YouTube channel focussed on demystifying the Japanese stock market for the new generation of investors. 

Hi, I’m Ben. Thanks for visiting out my site! 

I’m originally from the UK. I have always been interested in Japan: I studied Japanese at university and I now live in Tokyo where I work in digital marketing. 

The first thing I invested in was was Bitcoin and other cryptos in 2016. After several heart attacks due to Bitcoin’s volatility, I moved into investing in stocks. 

After some time researching and investing in the Japanese stock market, it occurred to me that there is a huge amount of information online about Japanese stocks which is only available in Japanese. 

I therefore decided to embark upon the mission of researching, translating, analyzing and publishing original content on the Japanese stock market aimed at international investors looking to add Japanese stocks to their portfolios. 

After convincing my amazing wife Chihiro (who is actually Japanese) to help me with the research, Japan Stocks Channel was born. 

We are by no means professional investors, and we are definitely not financial advisors! But we hope you’ll find this site to be a good first step when looking for information on the Japanese Stock Market. 

We hope you enjoy the articles and videos. Join our forum if you’d like to know more!

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